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DIY Pool Maintenance: Should you hire a pro?

Everyone’s favorite place to be in the summer is a swimming pool. To enjoy your pool completely it should be free from fungus, algae and other dirt and debris. Also the chemical balance should be correct as not to harm swimmers and the pool itself. You may think that pool maintenance is easy but in [...]

Pool safety during the holidays

It's true, that most drowning or near drowning accidents happen during the summer, and most of those in the early part of the summer, when the weather gets hot. So, naturally, pool owners tend to let down their guard a bit during winter. Accidents do still happen during winter (20%!), and particularly during the holiday [...]

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Pros and cons of swimming pool stabilizer (Cyanuaric Acid)

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays will make the chlorine in anoutdoor pool dissipate quickly. In fact, an ideal level of chlorine in an “unstabilized” pool or spa can be lost in less than two hours on a bright sunny day, due to the UV rays of the sun. Cyanuric acid acts as a “stabilizer” that [...]

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Swimming Pool Safety

Our professional pool fencing specialists can come to your home and answer any of your pool safety questions before any work begins. Quality is always our first goal and that is why we can offer a lifetime warranty on all of the pool fences we install. We understand the enormous trust you have placed in us [...]

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