Pool Service and Repair FAQs

/Pool Service and Repair FAQs

PoolServ is a local owned and operated business dedicated to providing exceptional service and value for all your pool service and repair needs. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide you, the customer, with a positive experience. We have over 15 years of experience and our techs are SNHD Certified.

We service Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Summerlin areas.

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Yes. Your pool needs weekly service to maintain a healthy chemical balance so that you are able to swim without worrying about harmful bacteria. Scheduling a weekly service with a professional pool company can dramatically cut down on any illnesses that can be transmitted via your pool.

As long as there is water in your pool, you must run your system every day in order to properly circulate and filter all the water. Your pool water should turn over about twice per day in the hottest months, so your pump capacity, plumbing and any flow restrictions also affect run time decisions. Generally, filters should be run 8-10 hours per day in the summer and 4-8 hours per day in the winter.

Your pool filter should be cleaned at least twice a year. Some pools require more attention due to extra debris or algae which clogs the pores of the grids inside the filter. Your pool generally runs better and stays cleaner if your filter is efficient.

Generally you should wait 24 hours.

There are several reasons why this can be occurring. The pump motor bearings are failing and the motor needs to be rebuilt or replaced. There could be a partially blocked suction line causing pump noise in the way of cavitation. The pump could also be oversized for the application causing the pump noise and possibly overheat.

If the water loss is more than evaporation and splash out would allow for, than you may have a leak and further diagnosis is required.

Evaporation averages up to approximately a ¼” per day (1¾” -2” per week). This can vary depending on, landscaping, air and water temperature, humidity, and windy conditions among other things.

Yes, you can change the shape of your pool. In most cases, however, the more drastic the change in shape, the more it will cost. Most people choose to add new updated pool options such as new steps instead of a drastic change in the shape.

Yes, in fact the best time to move a pump and filter system into a different location is when a renovation is being done. PoolServ recommends putting the pump and filter in a location where it won’t be seen or heard but is easily accessible. This is often on the side of the house or behind a shed.

It really depends on the work that is getting done. A renovation can take anywhere from 3 days to a week to complete the actual work. Sometimes more complicated renovations may take a little longer if extensive deck or landscaping is being done.

There are many different kinds of safety cover out there on the market with the primary types being mesh, ultra mesh, and solid (with or without a drain). Please call us to discuss the different options available.

It all depends on the type of pool you have, the landscaping in the area, and the water table. However your manufacturer’s warranty will not cover damage to the safety cover if your water is too low over the winter. For most brands this is no more than 12”-15” below the cover. In general concrete pools water level should be below the skimmer and tiles. Always check with the requirements of the pool structure to verify that the pool can be safely maintained at these levels.

Warranties vary for different manufacturers. Most pool covers are warrantied for 10-15 years.