Automatic Pool Cover Las Vegas

Automatic Pool Covers Las Vegas

Automatic pool covers are simple to use and extremely convenient. Our state-of-the-art automatic pool cover offers the fastest and most powerful waterproof motor ever invented to power an automatic pool cover. That means you have the ability to cover your pool with a simple touch of a button, and within minutes your pool will be securely covered.

Covering your pool is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated. With our automatic pool cover, you can reap all of the benefits of covering your pool without any of the hassle.

Automatic pool covers are energy efficient. Your pool cover can help cut your annual pool heating, electrical and chemical costs by 80 percent! You can expect to experience a great deal of savings simply from solar heating, energy conservation, and the elimination of water evaporation, which means that our automatic pool cover will basically pay for itself.

Save Money & Go Green

Save up to 85% or more on your annual pool heating, electrical, and chemical costs, just from adding a PCS™ Automatic Swimming-Pool Cover! If you Finance your pool cover, the savings from passive solar heating, elimination of 93% of evaporation, reduced chemical consumption, energy conservation, and reduced maintenance… in most cases, will exceed your monthly payment!

Safety Pool Covers Las Vegas

Our pool covers completely isolate the water surface, making a perfect safety barrier. Fences can be climbed, alarms still allow time in the water, but a pool cover supports the weight of several adults, provides more barrier protection than any other pool-safety device and also does not detract or isolate the pool from the pool deck or backyard as conventional fences do. Note, DOPS recommends multiple safety barriers.

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Safety Pool Cover Las Vegas

Low Cost Cover Alternatives for Existing Pools

Our Powertrak system is operated using a drill with a special bit (included in the system) that opens and closes the pool cover. This system is perfect for locations where no power is available at the pool… and yet, it provides the same level of safety, and almost the same degree of convenience as fully automatic pool covers. This cover is ideal for existing pools and can be either mounted on the deck and covered with our end housing or full vinyl bench. It can also be placed in a polymer housing or concrete vault.