Does a pool need to be serviced every week?

Yes. Your pool needs weekly service to maintain a healthy chemical balance so that you are able to swim without worrying about harmful bacteria. Scheduling a weekly service with a professional pool company can dramatically cut down on any illnesses that can be transmitted via your pool.

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How long should I run my filter?

As long as there is water in your pool, you must run your system every day in order to properly circulate and filter all the water. Your pool water should turn over about twice per day in the hottest months, so your pump capacity, plumbing and any flow restrictions also affect run time decisions. Generally, [...]

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How often does my pool filter need to be cleaned?

Your pool filter should be cleaned at least twice a year. Some pools require more attention due to extra debris or algae which clogs the pores of the grids inside the filter. Your pool generally runs better and stays cleaner if your filter is efficient.

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How long should I wait to swim after the pool has been shocked with chlorine?

Generally you should wait 24 hours.

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